Playground Recording is one of the best Recording Studios in Nashville. Studio A's has become the go to studio for many Nashville's top recording artist, producers and engineers.


Studio A
Square Feet


Studio A is world class recording studio featuring 5 isolation booths and a large recording room. With incredible sight lines from the control room to the isolation booths, studio A is the perfect space to record most any size project.

The Control Room

Control Room A houses our 56 input SSL 4000 E/G console that we purchased from the legendary DARP studios in Atlanta, GA. This console has been a part of many incredible records from Michael Jackson to Madonna.

The Live Room

The live room in studio A is a 1500 sqft. recording room that has 5 isolation booths, all with very good sight lines. This room is large enough to cut a good size string section, vocal group, horns or large tracking session

Piano Room

Besides our SSL, the Yamaha C7 grand piano is what Playground Recording is known for. This piano is well thought of as one of the finest recording pianos in Nashville. We also have an incredible sounding Hammond B3 and leslie cabinet

Isolation Booths and Headphone Systems

Studio A has 4 other medium to large isolation booths to isolate your various instruments and vocals during large tracking sessions. We have multiple headphone systems to choose from when recording. Our main cue system is the Behringer PB16. We also have multiple 2 channel systems for Choir and Orchestra

Tim Coyle

Studio Manager

A 20 plus year veteran of the studio business, Tim takes pride in providing our clients with the best service and quality our studio can offer.


It is our passion as a staff to make sure our clients feel at home and are taken care of.

The recording studio has always been a sanctuary for creative and artistic minded people to come in make records. At Playground Recording we focus on what makes a studio great. GREAT Staff, GREAT vibe, GREAT gear that WORKS, so you can focus on making the best recording possible